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Our Cookies

Homemade from original recipes and hand-scooped on site, our cookies are made with the highest quality ingredients and baked fresh from scratch every day. We are constantly testing new recipes and seasonal flavors, striving to provide our customers with a dessert experience that will stand out from the rest.

Our Ice Cream

Baked Bear craft ice cream is made with the highest quality ingredients around and is a step above the traditional. We use an all-natural mix made only with rBGH-free cream, pure cane sugar and natural stabilizers. Our ice cream includes many delicious natural tastes including real vanilla, cocoa, coffee, caramel and peppermint.

Our Mission

To spread joy and create memories, bringing a smile to every customer’s face, one ice cream sandwich at a time.

“When the doors to The Baked Bear’s first location in San Diego’s Pacific Beach neighborhood opened for the first time, there was a line out the door. Clearly, a need was being met. Let’s call it a need for one of the most amazing ice cream sandwiches on the planet.”

– Katie Dillon, 10best.com –